BPX is building the first and only

Digital Securities Exchange for Real Estate Investment Funds…

what we do

BPX is dedicated to the issuance, trading and lending of dematerialised and tokenised real estate securities.

BPX is built using proven, resilient, scalable, high-performance infrastructure, integrated into the existing institutional trading workflow.

Our mission is to enhance the…

efficiency, access, choice, and liquidity

…of real estate investment funds using innovative workflows and technologies.

who we serve

Investment Managers

BPX enhances real estate fund liquidity and efficiency for Investment Managers thereby helping them to increase AUM and reduce costs and risks.

Property Developers and Owners

BPX provides an additional sales and capital raising channel for Property Developers and Owners.

Individual Investors In Real Estate

BPX delivers Access, Insight, Choice, and Security to institutional and individual investors in real estate securities.

who we are

BPX is led by a highly experienced and skilled management team with a proven track record of success in:

market position

Leveraging technology to disrupt the underserved, professionally managed real estate investment market.

BPX is a financial services company positioned at the intersection of financial services, real estate, and technology.

hear from our industry partners

“R3 is proud to be partnering with BPX"
“R3 is proud to be partnering with BPX"
“R3 is proud to be partnering with BPX"
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BPX offers a convenient online platform for investing in global commercial and residential properties